Panama City Spring Break Recommended Activities

Panama City spring break

Panama city is one of the most well known for youngsters to visit on spring break. Panama city is located on the panhandle of Florida. Panama City spring break is the famous term for youths from school students, college students to young workers. It is the crowded situation that always happens on March and April. In these months every hotel and resort in the area is packed with young people who are ready to party and take a well deserved break from school, work and all the responsibilities that have taken their time. Panama City spring break is the chance for all youngsters to get the chance for endless night life and recreation for refreshment. Below are some activities you can do when spring break is on.

Clubs and Bars

When Panama City spring break is on, do not forget to visit the bars here. Panama city is the home of some great night life, you can find any kinds of night life from the casual cabana bars to upscale night clubs. Some popular bars you can visit and we recommend are Harpoon Harry’s, Schooner’s, Hammerhead Fred’s and Sharky’s.

The night life of Panama City spring break event will give you an unforgettable moment from the great and special drink, live entertainment and dance floor for sure. You even can find the bar with a more local feel in it, where you can get away from the pounding music of the dance floor. Just make sure you do some research first before visiting the bar.

Besides the casual and upscale bar, The Panama City spring break time also has several super clubs which are also the largest in the country. This one is suitable for people who love the party with tons of people and live concerts with multiple floor of indoor and outdoor entertainment and also dance floor.

Club La Vela is one of the clubs you can try on the Panama City spring break party event, if you want to feel the great sensation of having night life between so many people.

Adventure in Panama City

Although the Panama City spring break event is famous for its party event and places, if you do not really like the night life, you can also do some other things that are not less fun. You can explore the abundant wild life on an airboat tour at Airboat Adventures. Experience the feeling of gliding through the Florida Everglades and witness the unspoiled beauty of the nature and the real wild life. You can also watch some alligators and do not forget to still be careful. You can also go to the Coconut Creek, this place is adventure park that includes miniature gold and bumper boats. Ebro Greyhound Park is also a place you should visit if you want to catch a few races and also if you are lucky enough you can win some money. And one other place is the Bungee Mania where you can experience the thrills when you ride on the human slingshot.


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Club La Vela Panama City spring breakPanama City spring break

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