Palm Beach Zoo for Family Adventure Park

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Safari is one place for people if they want to have some adventure. In United States of America, there is one place named Palm Beach Zoo with Safari Adventure for any guests. The location of this Zoo is in 1301 Summit Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Dreher Park, Florida. This zoo is very famous for people if they come to visit Miami Beach. The location near the beach is suitable for people if they want to get some adventure. In this zoo, people can observe the animals with walking around. For information, before people want to go this Beach Zoo, they are not allowed to bring children fewer than 5 with them.

Palm Beach Zoo Features

People who want to go to Palm Beach Zoo must order the tour hour. For the tour time, people can choose day from Tuesday until Thursday and the available time for guest in at 11.00, 12.00 and 1.00 PM. They must pay the ticket $ 25.00 per adult and $ 15.00 for child. The available animals on this Zoo are White Tigers, African Lions, Black Panthers, Florida Panthers, Kinkajous, Scarlet Macaws, Red Tail Hawks and African Greys. They can take a picture with the entire animal here, but they must bring their own camera because in this Zoo there is no photographer available.

In the night, people can join Safari Night. This event is special event in Palm Beach Zoo. In this even, they can enjoy the interactive fountain fun, children’s games and craft in the Florida Pioneer House, Diner special in Tropics Café. Live music is available in Tropics Café each night. People also can wear animal costume and they can take a picture with the costume. The available costume is Kiwi the Koala, Timmy the Tiger, Crash the Cardinal, and Speedy the Sea Turtle.

4 Photos of the Palm Beach Zoo for Family Adventure Park

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