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The Ocean House & Motel Old Orchard Beach

Have you ever heard of Old Orchard beach? It is actually a historical beach that was maintained it beauty for over four centuries! Old Orchard beach located in York County, Maine. The town itself famous in the summer for the tourist destination. This town full of tourist spots such as souvenir shops, t-shirt shop, their popular wooden pier on the beach and Old Orchard Beach hotels.

Old Orchard Pier at Sunset form Maine Beach

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As the time changes, Old Orchard grows with hotels and resorts. Most of Old Orchard Beach Hotels and resorts was build more than two centuries ago but unfortunately most of them destroyed by fire in 1907. The oldest hotel that still standing in the beachfront of Old Orchard beach is The Ocean House & Motel. But it is doesn’t matter, any hotel you want as the place to stay is wonderful. Any places to lodge in Old Orchard area are very various which will fit your need and budget. You will find many choice of style to stay such as traditional New England Country Inn, a beachside hotel, motel, and even private cottage. All of the hotels and motels in this area are fit for your vacation, with your lover or even your family.

There are 43 hotels in Old Orchards beach in total. Each of them has a different style and accommodation in order to attract tourists. As mention before, The Ocean House & Motel is the oldest hotel among many Old Orchard Beach Hotels. The hotel still had their original character. But The Ocean House & Motel is not only hotel destination to stay. There is also Sea Cliff House Motel, a private motel in the seashore. The hotel will please you with seasonal pool, hot tub, gas grill area and outdoor shower. The next hotel is Ocean Walk Hotel. This hotel located in northern end of Old Orchard beach. Ocean Walk Hotel is a modern hotel that offers you a great experience while having vacation in Maine. They provide the quest with a modern room fully equipped with kitchen and indoor bathroom. If you want to experience the old school life, you can choose the Atlantic Birches Inn. They provide you with an elegant and luxurious yet romantic Victorian style. The Inn is perfect for wedding party, family reunion, honeymoon and anniversaries party.

Old Orchard Beach Hotels are so various. They show you a classical to modern buildings that you will never regret. It will be great to spending the summer holiday in this site. The historical city and beach means romantic. The famous pier that give you many kind of entertainments. Bring your family will be fantastic idea, kids will love it.

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