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oahu beach map

Oahu is a small island of Hawaii is surrounded by white sandy beaches. This island provides full facilities for water sports to support the development of tourism is cheap or free. But most tourists spend vacation in Waikiki, and they never know what they have forgotten.

Best beach in Hawaii found in many Oahu. Two of them, Lanikai and Kailua Bay has entered the list of the best beaches Dr. Beach’s
With even a modest budget, you can still enjoy a variety of activities on Oahu such as snorkeling, swimming, body board, surf, sailing with the yacht saw dolphins, and others. Here you can also enjoy the sunset on the North Shore and Leewar for free.

Oahu has a very warm coastal waters, and no cooler than other indoor pool, so you do not need to rent a bathing suit. Those with disabilities can use, free of charge, one of the many Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchairs provided by the Honolulu Department of Parks.

Before heading off for your fun in the sun, Consider a few words of caution. Only enter the waters where there are lifeguards and no signs warning of strong currents or other dangers. Check with the lifeguard about ocean conditions. The City and County of Honolulu has a map of lifeguarded beaches that can be printed from their website at Hawaii Ocean Safety

Here, you will also find beach safety tips provided by Hawaii lifeguard, such as warnings about climbing around on the rocks near the surf. You should always stay off the rocks that are close enough to the water for waves to crash on them and / or that are slippery. And to avoid a painful sun burn, always remember to apply waterproof sunscreen. The cooling trade winds make you feel that you are getting less of those intense tropical sun rays than you are.

Stay safe and go home with lots of happy memories. As always, pay attention to signs and check with lifeguards if you have any questions Oahu Beach Map.


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oahu beach map
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