Necker Island, Owned Luxury Resort Virgin Air Boss

Necker Island

Necker IslandA small island in the British Virgin Islands has a very luxurious resort . The owner who is also the head of a company Virgin Group , Richard Branson , has been restoring the glory of the resort , or known as the Great House , located on Necker Island .

Previously , Great House suffered a fire that destroyed the building in 2011 . Fire at Great House is due to a lightning strike . However , two years later , after lightning destroys the building , Richard Branson has been restored Great House .

The new building has one main bedroom and eight guest rooms . Each room comes with a king- size bed , a balcony , a very luxurious bathroom , jacuzzi , as well as inside the kitchen area . Paradise Island is scheduled to be re- opened for the tourists who are interested in staying at the Great House in September , according to the Daily Mail reported .

Necker Island

Necker Island Luxury Resort With Balinese Style

However , for those of you who plan to stay in luxury with this Balinese -style arrangement , you should be ready to spend up to U.S. $ 60 thousand or approximately USD 596 million per night . Heaven is an area of ??29.9 hectares has ever visited a lot of world celebrities to relieve fatigue . Such as Kofi Annan , Jimmy Carter , Desmond Tutu , Nelson Mandela and Tony Blair . Princess Diana , Harrison Ford , Robert De Niro , Oprah Winfrey , the Rolling Stones and John McEnroe , and Novak Djokovic , also visited this small paradise .

Necker Island owned by Richard Branson since 1979 . The beach house can accommodate 20 people . Necker Island is also equipped with two tennis courts , swimming pool and outdoor spa . Not only that , the island is also surrounded by turquoise waters , coral reefs and white sandy beaches . The island has been home to diverse wildlife , including flamingos , iguanas , lemurs and giant tortoises . For Richard Branson , Necker Island, which has been his home for 30 years this is the most beautiful place in the world .

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Necker Island
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