Myrtle Beach Sc, The Biggest City on United States

Myrtle Beach SC is one of the biggest cities in the United States that located on the east coast, exactly in Horry Country, South Carolina. This place is also as one of the Grand Stand at the northeast SC. With an area of approximately about 16.8 sq mi or 44 km ² at an altitude of 28 ft, make the Myrtle Beach SC as a great place for the Beach International tourism in the United States region. It is also supported by the premises located in the middle stretch of the beach and with feels the warm subtropical climate there.

Based on population in census was conducted in 2010, it is found the Myrtle city population has reached about 27 109 soul with the detail; man about 50.74% and women about 49.26%. It is make a population density estimated at 1354.70 / sq mi or 523.05/km ².

History of Myrtle Beach SC

In the history, Myrtle Beach SC is a man-made island that in 1936 has been separated from the mainland United States region, where the impact of this separation is occurred sharing some regions such as the western, northern and southern. But the more advanced developments had been seen in western region of Myrtle Beach sc supported with views of stunning beaches.

There are two seasons that occur in Myrtle Beach SC such as the summer and winter. Average summer ranging between 28 to 33 degrees centigrade and the lowest could reach 21 degrees Celsius. Usually there will be a storm that occurs in certain months, which in June until September that chances of a storm is big enough.

For winter is happening in Myrtle Beach SC is only lasted for two months between Decembers until February. Cold temperatures ranging between 14 to 16 degrees centigrade and the lowest can reach 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

For additional information, Myrtle Beach SC has an 843 area code; located at coordinates 33 ° 43’N 78 ° 53’W, and the FIPS code 45-49075 with GNIS ID 1249770. The Myrtle BeachSC also has 8 different zip codes, such as 29572, 29575, 29577, 29578, 29579, 29586, 29587, and 29588.


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