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Myrtle Beach is a tourist spot located in South Carolina, United States. This area has been visited by many local and foreign tourists who will be very crowded at all during the summer holidays.

There are so many hotels in Myrtle Beach sc that you can find and rent from a cheap to expensive prices. Some place we can recommend to you as a place to stay when you visiting Myrtle beach, such as Sheraton Broadway Plantation, Anderson Ocean Club, Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center, and Camelot by the sea hotel.

Review of 5 Myrtle Beach Sc Hotels

Sheraton Broadway Plantation is a resort of Myrtle Beach Sc Hotels which has a very strategic location. This hotel is located in the heart of Myrtle Beach and close to the beach mall. So no wonder this hotel in becoming a desire for tourists, because that makes easy for tourist to access to all places in Myrtle.

Anderson Ocean Club is an inn that serves a variety of facilities with advanced technologies like Bar, Pool, Spa, Beach Access, Business center and free parking. When you enter this hotel in Myrtle Beach sc, you will see a very beautiful view of the exterior and interior especially in the design of the Lobby. But, in some aspect most of visitors have a bad experience for a room that is not in the best condition to be occupied.

Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center is an inn located close to the beach. It offers two different inpatient rooms; standard room and deluxe room. Standard room offers a place of lodging that is located at the rear of the hotel, so you will be presented with a view of the city Myrtle, whereas for a deluxe room, you will see very beautiful beach scenery. At the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center you will find a variety of facilities such as Bar, GYM, Restaurant, Indoor Pool, Air Conditioned, paid Internet and parking, and laundry.

The last Myrtle Beach Sc Hotels is Camelot by the sea that located at N Ocean Blvd. This is a beautifully hotel with very clean room and delicious foods. You also can find more facilities like internet, beach access, laundry, free parking, Business Center, and children welcome. But when you stay at this hotel during the holiday season, you will get a once bustling atmosphere especially when you are get a room close to parking.

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Myrtle Beach Sc Hotels
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