Traveling to Beutiful Beach Mykonos Paradise Beach on Greek Island

Mykonos Paradise Beach is a beach resort located on the Greek Islands actually in the middle of the Aegean Sea. This place is always crowded by local and foreign travelers every day, and reached its highest level during the holiday season. Mykonos Beach has a very beautiful beach with white sand and crystal clear water is quite broad bluish sea. In the afternoon, you can also watch the sunsets that make the sky color to red and orange will be very romantic if you are with friends to this place.

The Other unique sights in Mykonos Paradise Beach

Most of the beaches have facilities with several restaurants and taverns features deck chairs and umbrellas lining the beach. The price for renting a set consisting of a deck chair and umbrella is about € 12.

When you’re doing activities there, such as playing beach volleyball, take pictures or sunbathing. Not infrequently also you will be visited by the seller of the goods which may be illegal, such as clothing, DVDs, watches, Jeweler and fake handbags. Although they are very annoying for some travelers, but they are very friendly attitude when will offer some of goods.

The Mykonos Paradise Beach is located 6 Kilometers from Mykonos Town, This place is the most popular tourist spot with diverse activities of the party. You will hear very loud sound music starting at 16:00. To go to this place, you can use public transportation such as buses from Mykonos Town or by using sea transport.

In addition to Mykonos Paradise Beach, you can also visit Mykonos Super Paradise Beach is located 7 kilometers from the city. This tourist spot is equipped with a restaurant, hotel and beach bar. There is no bus service to go to this place, and can only be accessed by using a marine vehicle from Mykonos Town.

But you also can use a bus from city to paradise beach, next you need to walk about 20 minutes to explore the hill until you reach Mykonos Super Paradise Beach. But you need to careful; soil structure is very complicated and there hills steep.


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