Milford Sound, Waterfall Fairy Tale in New Zealand

milford sound new zealand

Heavy water falling down making all eyes stunned. White froth and a few splashes of wet face every tourist who comes. This is Milford Sound, a fairy tale-style waterfall in New Zealand.

Of New Zealand tourism’s official website, Milford Sound waterfall is one of the tourist attractions that travelers destination. Many tourists were busy to come to New Zealand just to see the grandeur of this waterfall.

milford sound

Waterfall in Milford Sound is in Fiordland National Park. Every year, this area is always pouring rain super heavy. Of 365 days a year, rain Milford Sound until 182 days. No doubt, a waterfall here always with heavy water flow.

According to tourists who never came, this waterfall like a waterfall of Foreign Tales, where the fairies came down from Heaven. A cliff height, width and background gahar into a waterfall decline. When measured, reaching 1,500 meters high cliff.

If you want to see beautiful waterfalls, tourists can come when the rainy season. At that time, the swift waterfalls really like spill water from the sky. Magnificent!

Not only one, apparently springing waterfalls along the cliffs. Ranging from small to large waterfalls created here.

Well, tourists who want to come and see the falls, usually rent a boat. There are wooden ships, some cruise ships. All provided local officials, travelers choose their own living.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, Milford Sound can also be enjoyed by trekking. Travelers can get off the ship and road or trekking through the cliff surrounded by green trees.


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