Meiji Shrine Tokyo Japan, The Legend Temple in Tokyo

Awsome , though Tokyo is a very modern city, it still remains a classic Japanese face. Come to the Meiji Shrine temple, visitors will be amazed with this lush place. The temple located in Shibuya and adjacent to Yoyogi Park which is surrounded by a vast thicket of trees. Meiji been destroyed during World War II and rebuilt to stand strong today.

From the official website of tourism Tokyo, Meiji Shrine was built in 1920 to dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken glorified. This temple became one of the popular temple in Tokyo. The main building of the temple is located 10 minutes walk from the entrance gate or torii large. When you enter this area, calmness and coolness would be produced. Its location is in the middle of the woods with 100 thousand trees that form forest and Meiji will add to the excitement of its own sanctity.

Arriving at the temple, you can see a series of Shinto worship such as making offerings, buy amulets and write a prayer of hope to be achieved. Every beginning of a new year, this temple is usually crowded arrival of visitors and pilgrims. Approximately more than 3 million visitors come to worship earlier in the year (Hatsumode).

Interestingly in this temple there is a Treasure House (Homotsuden), which is a museum located in the north of the temple to store personal items relics of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. Tourists can see the horse that used to train the emperor Meiji Constitution when read the declaration in 1889.

Travelers do not need to pay to visit the Meiji shrine or free. But if the visitor wants to visit the Treasure House, you need to pay for 500 Yen. Then that is not less interesting, you can also visit a park around the temple called the Inner Garden. There, there is an old well which was once visited by the emperor and empress. Enough to pay 500 yen, we’ve been able to visit the Inner Garden this.

Operational hours trasure House and Inner Garden is open from 09.00 till 16.00. In certain months we can also be there until 16:30.

How to get there:

Travelers can ride the subway Chiyoda (green line) or Fukutoshin (brown lines) and get off at Meiji-Jingumae Station. Or it could also take a train on the JR Yamanote down Harajuku Station. Meiji live 5 minute walk from there.

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