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If you have not known yet, there are some beaches that allow the visitors to be naked and wear nothing on the beach. This kind of beach is considered the mature beach. Some beaches are truly allowed the visitors to be fully naked, some others are only allowed the visitors to be naked when they are swimming in the sea of the beach.

Mature beach is classified alone because of the reason of regulation of the freedom to wear even no string at all. So mature beaches categorize itself since some adults think the regulation in beach will not be suitable for children and family.

Although in reality, most of the mature beaches are very family friendly and welcoming children very much. But the term appropriate makes the mature beach has to be classified alone. Here are mature beaches you can visit.

The Nude Beach

If you want to visit the beach that will let you be naked legally then visit the Halouver beach, this beach located in Florida that legally allows nudity. There is a section in this beach where clothing is optional and it is being marked. So this will be the comfortable place for them who wish to bare it all in the sun. In the Halouver beach you can even do the nude volleyball on the half mile stretch of the beach. For the gay, you can even enjoy yourself in the specific nude gay area. This mature beach is welcoming all ages, genders and also sexual orientation.

The other one is Apollo beach. This mature beach is not as free as the Halouver beach. Apollo beach does not legally allow nudity for visitors, but nude swimming has been practiced here for so many years. Apollo beach is part of Canaveral national Seashore, which is on Florida’s east coast between Daytona Beach and Melbourne. Although there is no legal regulation for nudity, but the nude bathers are not bothered by authorities or locals as long as they pick the secluded area. And for additional information, near by Daytona, there are accommodations specifically for the naturist lifestyle.

The Optional Beach

There is also the mature beach where clothing is optional. Playalinda beach, which is also the part of Canaveral National Seashore is the beach that is not advertised as nude beach because it is managed by the Federal Government. But as been said before, this beach has the regulation where clothing is optional. The other charm of the Playalinda beach is that it has the undeveloped and preserved natural beauty. For anyone who loves nature this beach will be also enjoyable. You can have the enjoyable day if you do not abuse the privilege.

And the other one is the John D Mac Arthus Beach State Park. This mature beach is also known as the Air Force beach. Once in past time, this mature bach is known as the most accepted nude beach in Florida but in 1982 the law changed but you still can still be nude as long as you are outside the park boundaries.


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Mature Beach
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