Surfer, Enjoy Your Great Wave in Malibu Beach!

For all of surfer in the world, a beach that has great wave is the best beach in the world. There is none surfer who do not know Malibu beach. Located in the west of Los Angeles County, California, United State, this place becomes the heaven for surfer and windsurfer in the world. There are lot of beautiful sceneries here start from amazing horizon scenery, blue sapphire water scenery, and also Santa Monica Mounts scenery consist of Agoura Hills, Topanga Canyon to the east of Calabasas, Woodland Hills in the north, and Ventura Country. Because of surrounding by hills, it makes Malibu beach has great wind that can grab attention of professional and non-professional windsurfer to come there.

malibu beach

This beach known as a warm beach with sparkling sand that makes many superstars from Hollywood spends all the time to enjoy blessed of Malibu beach. This reason makes Malibu beach development faster and facilities that offered also increasing. There are some surfing beaches in the city such as; Zuma beach, Surfrider beach, Topanga Negara beach, Malibu Negara Beach, El Matadore State Beach, and Point Dume Negara Beach. All of these beaches have good wind to surf. Surfinder beach offers many world class facilities of surfing the west beach. In the summer, this beach becomes very crowded because many tourists want to show their ability in surfing here. However, because of surrounding by hills, this place also susceptible to disaster of landslide and flood. Therefore, people should be aware and be careful for those.

Today, it is easier for surfer in the world to order place in Malibu Beach. Many facilities have provided for surfer in the world with world class facilities. All of facilities can be ordered in online. For people who really like water sport, this place is the heaven that provides unforgettable memories that can be visited anytime.


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