Majlis Al Jinn Oman, Is This The Gathering Place of The Jinn?

extreme base jumps in majlis al jinn oman

Who does not shudder at the sound of his name. Majlis Al Jinn Oman is one of the largest underground caves in the world located in Oman. Why is this cave is named as the assembly of the jinn?

Near the village of Dins, in Willyat Qurrayat, Muscat, Oman, there is an underground cavern whose name is quite unique. Visiting in the official website of Oman tourism, Thursday (07/03/2014) cave located in the highlands of Salma’s Majlis Al Jinn Oman named or meaningful place Jin Society.

majlis al jinn oman

Why so? Because many mysterious things going on there. According to CNN, often heard strange noises from the third entrance of the cave or hole. In scientific explanation, logical sound strange because it is an underground cave.

The cave of majlis al jinn oman was discovered accidentally by a married couple Don Davidson and Cheryl Jones. They opened the door of the first cave in 1983 when they were looking for carbonated rocks. Opening the door of the cave and the third by the two men until 1985.

Unfortunately, while browsing, one of them can not back it up. As far as is known, the length of majlis al jinn oman cave reaches 310 meters and up to 225 meters. However, according to the study, the total area of the cave reaches 58 thousand square meters with a volume capacity of 4 million cubic meters of the cave.

It takes a mountain climbing as far as 1,300 meters to get to the mouth of the cave. Then, go inside the cave only with ropes and drops down. According to geologists, the cave age sudh reach 50 million years.

The local tourism department is developing a mysterious cave majlis al jinn oman is magnificent. There are also tour packages to go inside the cave. One of the tour operators who serve here are travel packages to Sun & Sand Tours.


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