Holiday in Lyttos Beach Crete

Lyttos Beach Crete is located in the northern coast of no other than crete. Lyttos Beach is a long stretch of golden sand backed by two luxury hotels. This place also has the village of Analipsi for just five minute walk away from the beach. The village of Analipsi in Crete is the calm spot with many bars and tavernas along the main street.

If you want to get out of the beach, there are also some other places around the Lyttos Beach Crete you can visit that only take short time to reach. There are Hersonissos which is literally located up the road and also the historic Heraklion for just about 30 minutes drive away. This is somehow considered as a quiet place which also fun to visit for the party goers.

The Golden Sand and Heraklion

What Lyttos Beach keeps boasting as the attraction is the long stretch of golden sand lapped by clear Mediterranean water. This is a very quiet place with the shore provided by sun loungers and umbrellas. And you can also hire kayak and pedalo. You can also walk for about 2 kilometers, it will not be far since you will be captivated by the beauty of the ocean and the beach, where you can reach the libely Anissaras beach, that is famous for its water sports. Other than that, Lyttos Beach Crete is also located near to dozen of beaches that run along Hersonissos which you can reach for just few minutes drive away. The one attraction everyone will be tempted to visit is the west of the port where there is a promenade that packed with bars and restaurant.

The capital of crete, Heraklion is also only 30 minutes drive away from the Lyttos Beach Crete. You can visit the Venetian castle, Koules, located right at the harbor entrance and there is an exhibition inside which tells the visitors al about the castle’s history. If you also like the archaeology, then after visiting the Lyttos Beach you also have to visit the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, the home to relics stretching from prehistoric finds to Roman statues. You can also see the Minoan artifact which is only 10 minutes drive from the Heraklion. The exact location of the Minoan artifact is in the Minoan Palace of Knossos. Here you can walk around the crumbling 4000 year old ruins of the legendary Minotaur.

Some Things To Do

Besides visiting Heraklion and Hersonissos after enjoying the crete vacation, you can also do many other fun things like visiting the Panagia Eve in Mochos. You can also walk and look for some souvenirs in Heraklion, the souvenirs are mostly handmade, it will be very precious gift for your family at home. And for the party goers you can also dance all night away at the open air disco near the Lyttos Beach Crete. And wen you visit the Analipsi village you can chomp on lamb kleftiko which is the traditional food of the place. And the free but most fun thing is go crawling along the beach.

For another beach vacations on Greece you can visit marina beach Crete with nice sand beach and clear water. This beach can to be another choice when you going to Crete vacation with your family besides going to Lyttos Beach Crete.

6 Photos of the Holiday in Lyttos Beach Crete

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