The Wonderful Beach Vacation in Lumahai Beach

This is not a diving seaside, but it incredibly loves. Lumahai Beach was the “nurse’s beach” in the film edition of the musical show traditional, South Pacific. And the hauntingly wonderful “Bali Hai” seen in the film is performed by the spectacular Mt. Makana of the Na Pali Condition Recreation area regarded from this Northern Coast seaside. The fantastic seaside and bumpy sea here are wonderful. It’s excellent to sunbathe alongside a pool and go in the shallows, but don’t swimming. The voltages are as risky as the seaside is charming.

lumahai beach

Lumahai Beach northern border shore of the island of Kauai

Lumahai Beach is situated along Hawaii islands Path 560 between Hanalei and Ha’ena Condition Recreation area. Due to the location of the area, the seaside and bay are regarded risky for diving and browsing most of the year due to powerful browse, voltages and undertow.

This seaside was made popular by the film South Pacific where Mitzi Gaynor “washed that man right out of her hair”! Lava stones spread along the mouth area of the seaside make a fountain results as the browse smashes and recedes over the strong landscape. The seaside itself is long, wide cress of exotic, picture-postcard-perfect. The diving, however, is another tale. Strong voltages, intense browse, and incredible backwash make the water here risky almost all the time. A few excellent Traditional viewers may be seen trying the fortune on the remaining side of the seaside. The Lumahai Beach, on the remaining, is sometimes cut off from the sea during summer time season due to large remains of excellent sand. In this case, chilling off in the water of the stream is an option. A stone outcropping distinguishes Lumahai Beach from Kahalahala Beach, a simple labeling technicality. The browse circumstances are just as risky here.

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