Long Beach Press Telegram – Plans for wider beach path in Long Beach draws support and fire

Long Beach Press Telegram – The city plans to separate along the coast on foot – in the development of 3.1 miles in length and 11 meters – has caused political waves. Two environmental groups, the Surfrider Long Beach Chapter and Sierra Club Angeles Chapter, Group Long Beach, gather their members, as opposed to the project at a meeting on 13 June to bring the coast of the State Commission expressed, claims the new path is too much public space.

Deputy Mayor Robert Garcia, a member of the state commission, said he needed more details about the design gear before making a decision. Under the proposal, the city wants a new 11-meter wide pedestrian meet some of the congestion over the pedestrian-bike trail. It follows the original route of 3.1 miles in 54 Alamitos Avenue Place. Through the two parallel paths are separated from each other, separated by a large sand 10

The proposed new pedestrian bridge is 11 meters wide. The first way is 17 meters, 12 meters and 5 meters for bicycles and pedestrians. Garcia wants to know why the second option is that of the sea and in the original trajectory, and because the city could not do both channels. “I support the improvement of the way,” he said. “But I have some questions about the claim of the city.” However, he said the deputy mayor of pending its decision must be supported

Show best for the state and not just the city. “Our coast is an agent of the government,” said Garcia. “I want to be sure to do the right thing.” Seamus Ian Innes, Vice President of the Chapter Surfrider, said the proposed route takes 4.2 acres of beach, adding that the big waves sweep a new widescreen mode, it would be closer to the water. “You bet your way to the problems,” Innes said.

Eric Lopez, Tidelands Capital Projects Program Manager, said that the flooding problem has been carefully evaluated. He said that adjustments along the proposed walk on the side of the earth near the pool and Belmont Avenue from 10 cherry place were made. The project was never fully considered by the city council, said Gabrielle weeks, President of the Long Beach Chapter of the Sierra Club Angeles group, in a letter to the Board.

“The Sierra Club believes that the preservation of open space and protection of the natural sand beach a priority on the mistaken notion that the addition of a second track – another hard structure – the beach a bit” enhanced access the coast for residents and Visitors to Long Beach, “he said.

Beach visitors should attractive banks “take off your shoes to enjoy the sand and go to the beach,” Weeks said. “The idea that our public beach in Long Beach Open to encourage visitors and” improved “provides access to the beach is not sustainable.” Chapter Surfrider believes a second path to the beach could be cheaper if the city has built an inland route and held a width of 3 meters of the road instead of sand separated by 10 meters wide.

Chapter Surfrider lobbying for the proposal of the road from the beach on the Council’s agenda, but the problems, including strong support for the project from 2 Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal. 2 District includes one of the largest pieces of the coast. “I have a proposal to the City for a separate pedestrian walkway over the safety and enjoyment of the people to reach the coast and hopefully appreciate the value and importance of a broad population of Californians who supported and encouraged the Commission,” he said.

However, Councillor Patrick O’Donnell said he was concerned about. No public criticism of the great plan, and no report was buried on the project, said in a thick budget. “I have heard from environmentalists,” he said. “There should be created, the Council”.

However, he said Tom Modica, director of Long Beach, government affairs and strategic initiatives, staff conducted 15 community meetings with a range of 25 to 50 people at each meeting. “Significant changes in the project (path) have been strengthened as a result of these efforts, dass In the current project

The range includes a total of 15 community and committee meetings of the city, with a range of 25-50 people at each meeting, Modica said. O’Donnell said that the extension of the existing road slide, minimizing the space occupied. “This program is a joint structure,” he said. “I’m not sure, because there is a double meaning. ‘M afraid that more open beach too.”

The Sierra Club also believes that the new path to reduce the space for visitors, adding that one of the few places in the Southland, which are achieved by low-income people and transport, as described in Chapter Chair weeks. “You are a paving paradise to put up a parking lot,” he said. “We see this as an issue of environmental justice.”

However, Lopez said that the proposed project, the city has attracted broad support – over 400 letters, to speak a few worries. The Commission is the coastal town of Long Beach City Hall Council Chambers on 13 Plan in June

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