Enjoy the Beauty White Sand in Long Beach New York

Recreation is one of needs that people want. All people need refreshing to make their mind fresh and ready to be filled with many activities again. However, for some people leaving their job is not easy as they think. We must prepare many things and finish our work earlier. Therefore many people looking for tourism destination where they can do refreshing and working in the same time. To solve these problems, there is one tourism destination that qualified for that problem. Long Beach New York can be the good alternative for you who want to live several days in a city that has beach atmosphere and complete facilities to support your work.

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Long Beach is a city which is located in Nassau County, New York, United States. Just south of Long Island, it is located on Long Beach Barrier Island, which is the westernmost of the outer barrier islands off the south shore of Long Island. This city is including as modern city which has complete facilities start from meeting room, bank, hot spot area, private school, public school, office, and the other. In this town public transportation also can bring us to everywhere punctually. So, you do not worry if you come late. Many facilities are provided to support your work. Besides that, Long Beach New York also has beautiful beach that stretch with smooth white sand. We can spend much time expose to the sun to relax our burden. In addition, near this beach, there are Clark Street Park, The Long Beach Tennis Center, Lindell Park, Magnolia Playground, Ocean Beach Park, The Recreation Center, Skate Park, Veteran’s Memorial Park (fishing pier and boat ramp), and West End’s Georgia Avenue Splash Park.

By all of these, we can spend all the time to do many kinds of activities in one place without leaving our job and abundance our duty.


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