The Beauty of Long Beach Aquarium

Holiday seasons should not be spent at home watching TV or sleep. You and your family can go to one of the most famous holiday spots in the USA, the Long Beach Aquarium. It is now named as Aquarium of the Pacific but still people love to call it Long Beach Aquarium because it is located on Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, California, United States. To get to this place is easy; every taxi can bring you here blind folded.

What is Long Beach Aquarium

Aquarium is a place where you can see various sea creatures like fish, sea turtles, shark, and many more in giant water tanks made of glass. The Long Beach Aquarium has approximately 11,000 animals from 500 different species.  The size of this public aquarium is about 5 acre and every year almost 1.5 visitors come to this place and see its sea creature collections. To operate the public aquarium, 300 employees and 650 volunteers are involved.

What You can See Here

In Long Beach Aquarium you and your family will be spoiled with various exhibits. The first is Southern California and Baja Gallery. In this place you will see varied habitat in the mentioned places. It has Blue Cavern tank containing animals living in Southern California water such as those in Catalina Island. While in Amber Forest Exhibit, visitors will be able to see scorpion fish and organism from Gulf of California. The last exhibit here is the Seal and Sea Lion Habitat, Shore bird sanctuary and ray Touch Pool. On the other part of this Long Beach Aquarium, there is also Northern Pacific Tank. This gallery has collections of animals taken from Bering Sea such as the sea Otter and the Octopus. You can also seediving bird here, puffin and also auklets. On the other side of this gallery, there are also Japanese Spider Crab, Anemones and Jelly Fish. In the Tropical Pacific Tank, you can see sea animals from the coast of the Palau.  The tank is filled with tropical reef habitat, zebra shark, blacktip reef shark, olive ridley sea turtle, and many more.

So, having holiday in Long Beach Aquarium is not wasting money.  You and your family are not only having your mind refreshed and fun but also you can also add knowledge to your children about the sea habitats. In fact, there are also some playing pools that your children can join to learn more about the sea creatures closer.

12 Photos of the The Beauty of Long Beach Aquarium

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