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If you plan to visit Turkey, do not miss the chance to enjoy Lara Beach. Or if you are looking for a place or location where you can have a warm and sunny holiday with many ancient and historical feelings, Lara Beach is also a must visit place for you. Lara is actually a district located on Antaiya City which is also considered and well known as the most popular Turkish Riviera.

lara beach

To reach the beach you can take the shuttle direct that will set you down on the heart of Lara. The very first thing you can do after arriving at Lara before going to the Lara Beach, you can explore the unique world of many themed hotels.

After that you can continue to the beach where you can spend time by lying around and having lazy time. Lara Beach is also known as one of the longest sand beaches in Turkey.

The Other Attraction

Visiting Lara Beach of Antaiya city is not only about the water related activities, although you can spend much time beside the water and sand also checking out the unique resort feel, you can go ahead in to the heart of the nearby Antaiya and explore some of the unique part the city has. It is not only about beach, after you are dropped by the shuttle direct into the heart of Lara, you will probably feel like you have been transported to a distinctly Turkish version of Las Vegas.

This part of Lara Beach has area that gets the moniker because of the many themed hotels that are built to replicate the look and feel of many important global landmarks. Do not just enjoy the Beach, you can also see many hotels that mimic the Kremlin, the Topkapi Palace and even the Titanic.

When visiting the Lara Beach, you can also take a stroll through the Venetian themed resorts and dine in true Italian style with views over the blue waters of the Mediterranean instead of Venice’s lagoons and canals.

Lara Beach Historical Attraction

If you do not really like the Vegas vibe in the heart of Lara, after going to Lara Beach you can also catch the glimpse of some of the historically interesting places you may want to return to explore. The heart of Lara is not very far from Lara Beach so you should not miss the opportunity to see and explore the town that thought to have been founded by Attalos II the king of Pergamon around 150 BC.

To see the historical town, you can go from Lara Beach by taxi or bus ride for just short time. The museum that will bring you the complete story also can be found around there. And after the beach activity, do not miss the Hidirlik Tower too. It was built by the Romans in the second century AD and used as stronghold and lighthouse. There is also Yivi Minare Camii, which is also known as Fluted Mosque, if you walk through the Hadrian’s Gate.

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