Lamu Beach, One of The Nice Beach in Kenya

Lamu , Kenya ‘s oldest city , is one of the original Swahili settlements along coastal East Africa . The city was first attested in writing by an Arab traveler Abu al – Mahasini who met a Judge from Lamu visiting Mecca in 1441 . The town ‘s history is marked by a Portuguese invasion which began in 1506 , and the Omani domination around 1813 ( the year the Battle of Shela ) . Portuguese invasion triggered by the nation’s successful mission to control trade along the coast of the Indian Ocean . For considerable time , Portugal had a monopoly in shipping along the East African coast and imposed export taxes on existing local channels of trade .

In the 1580s , Lamu led a rebellion against the Portuguese , driven by a Turkish invasion . In 1652, Lamu was assisted by Oman in lifting Portuguese control . Lamu ‘s years as an Omani protectorate mark the golden age of the city . During this period , Lamu became the center of poetry , politics , arts and crafts and trade . Lamu is a popular destination for backpackers looking for an authentic experience .

Lamu Beach, Beautiful Beach With Rich Cultural

Lamu is one of the famous beach water sport as a retreat for the rich and famous . Peaceful atmosphere , slow pace of life , beautiful beaches and rich cultural neat and makes people want to stay on this beach , and also the perfect romantic spot for honeymooners . Beautiful beach with clean sand and sparkling water , the scent of the city and the brilliance of the midday sun glare intense and encourage you to set your foot in the cold waters of the Indian Ocean .

Lamu beach is a beautiful place away from the crowds and making it the perfect place for a romantic getaway with incredible views . snorkeling , surfing , kayaking , diving and swimming under ideal conditions in the shimmering turquoise waters sheltered by the reef , offshore broad protection for your sunbathing and also it will help you to do some sheltered picnic .

Spend a day at sea on the dhow is a memorable event for everyone , it is a fantastic way to explore the area . Calm waters make it perfect for the sail to neighboring islands to see small fishing villages , ancient ruins and deserted beaches . Sailing back to Lamu after a long day in the water at the ocean as the sun was going down , it was all a wonderful experience to be done .

9 Photos of the Lamu Beach, One of The Nice Beach in Kenya

Lamu Beach
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