Lagoi Beach Beautiful of Bintan, International Class Beach Resort

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Indonesia, as the country’s islands have a lot of marine tourism destination for foreign tourist and local who want to enjoy exotic beaches. Like Kuta Beach in Bali, it is a foreign tourist destination and some of artists from Hollywood ever been to Kuta Beach which belong to the category of Most Beautiful Beaches in the World.

Then beach in the area Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta that famous as exotic surrounding green hills. Or beach located in Sabang, Weh Island which is the most western island in Indonesia, which has always been a tourist destination of the world. Yes, some of the beaches name is already quite popular in Indonesia and internationally with diversity trademark respectively. But, did you know in the Riau Islands, there is a beach which is equally beautiful charm than beaches are popular enough?

Bintan Riau Islands have a charm of exquisite natural beauty, especially in marine tourism. If a visit to Bintan, come into Lagoi Beach. This beautiful beach definitely make you fall in love!

Lagoi Beach is one of the tourist attractions pride Riau Islands, which is located in Bintan. Rows of palm trees on the edge of the beach with the beautiful natural scenery and supported by the pristine environment is the main attraction for tourists who come to the beach Lagoi.

In addition to coastal attractions, in Lagoi beach region there are several tourist attractions that are not less interesting, namely Mangrove and Sebong River. Each place has its own appeal. In addition there is also a wide variety of lodging and resorts, making it a world-class tourist area.


When you set foot on the beach Bintan, you will be treated to views of nature with the accompaniment of the sound waves that can reconcile heart and your soul. Some of the activities you can do at this such as water play, swimming, snorkeling, diving and just sunbathing on the white sand beach Lagoi.

Offer that enjoy the beauty of the natural charm of Beach Bintan, you can indulge yourself and your family to rent a resort in the area of the beach. Leisure resort can add to your holiday fun with adequate facilities such as golf courses, swimming pools, and a spa.

If you like adventure, a time to yourself to roam charm Sebong river using a boat that you can rent. During the trip down the river Sebong, you will be treated to views of nature with a variety of plants, especially mangroves and palm trees as well as wild animals that live on the banks of this river.

You can also do fishing activities in the estuary of the River Sebong. Typically, if the fishermen are not sailing, they catch fish and squid in this area. On the edge of the estuary deliberately constructed thatched huts of leaves of palm trees. After getting the bait, you can grill the fish while you unwind after a day exploring Sebong River.

Facilities and Accommodation

Lagoi beach has a wide range of facilities and accommodation that was deliberately built to pamper the tourists who come to visit the beach Lagoi. The facilities include accommodation with a variety of classes, villas, resorts, one of which is Ria Bintan Golf Lodge. There are also restaurants, restaurants, souvenir shops, bathrooms and public restrooms, ample parking space, rental fishing, diving, and snorkeling. Do not miss the unique culinary taste Bintan, namely brains and bark. Brain-sea fish brain is presented in a way wrapped in sago palm leaves.


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