Kure Beach, Best Diving Spots in United States of America

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In the United States of America, there are so many beaches with warm weather. It is very rarely that there are beach suitable for diving. Most of beaches in America is shallow with big waves, very good for surfing but not for diving. We all know that in America is the habitat of shark too, so that is impossible for diving. But there is a beach that can be diving in there, it is Kure beach. Kure beach is set on the southern end of North Carolina. It is also called as ‘Pleasure Island’ because it is very popular with draw for beach-goers in the eastern of the United States.

Dive Spot in Kure Beach

As anyone knows, North Carolina is also famous in the diving-community as one of the best places to dive in America. The best dive place is Kure beach. It is located between the Cape Fear River and Atlantic Ocean. It is just less than 15 miles south of Wilmington. In summer, there are so many people spend their holiday there because the weather is calm combined with the Gulf Stream.In weekend of the summer, there are so many people there, it is not only because one of the place for diving but also it is has beautiful sea life.

North Carolina especially Kure beach is well-known with the sea life. It is also the place for attracting sand tiger sharks.Despite Tiger shark is wild animal, but this animal is very susceptible.So that is why it saves from the threat because it is rare-animal. There, not only tiger shark but also lobsters, turtles, baitfish, monkfish and ray fish are all common sights. That is why mostly people spend their holiday in there because of the weather calm and the sea life was absolutely beautiful.

Beside of the beautiful sea life, Kure beach also has the underwater technology. This official organization keeps both records and artifacts from area shipwrecks. It also works on underwater archeological projects with dive clubs and sometimes even individual volunteers. If you have a specific shipwreck of interest or want to try out underwater archaeology, it is worth checking with the Underwater Archaeology Branch before you arrive there. So, do not think that all of the beaches in United States of America are boring, just warm weather and many people sunbathe. Get the difference experience with visit one of the best dive spot beaches in America.

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