Kruger National park, the best Place for adventure and take a look on wildlife

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Kruger national park is located in Africa and considered as one of the largest and structured animal reserves. This place is located specifically in the northeastern South Africa on Limpopo Province. This place has been considered as one of the South Africa national park in the year of 1926. Up to the north we can go to Zimbabwe province.

This park is designed as an area of education by UNESCO from United Nations due to its complex flora and fauna this place has to reserves. This place is a great place for adventurer and tourism who love to see real life wild life animal running around without having to be trapped in a cage.

Kruger National Park Flora and Fauna

Kruger national park has a large reserve of flora and fauna. All of them are considered as a protected animal which endangered or extinct and need to be taken care of. All of the flora and fauna are unique to the African habitat and some of them are quite distinct and unique. A good example for the flora habitat in this place is the marula veld and knob thorn. This vegetation is located in the eastern side of the park. The eastern side of the park also known as the most populated area by the flora and fauna in this national park due to the large quantity of grass in this place, the knob thorn grass and the marula veld are the most common grass found in this region of the park.

Other than grass and vegetation, the Kruger national park also has large quantity of animal species. One of the most well-known animals that can be found in this place is the birds, reptile and mammal. Kruger Park is known to reserve for almost 500 species of birds which are divided into residents, migrants bird and nomads birds. The most notable birds species found in this place are the vulture, stork, martial eagle, ground hornbill and finally the fishing owl. These birds often found to be living in this park and have their own community inside.

Other than birds, there are also mammal and reptiles. Mammals in this place are much more varied and have different types of species. For examples, you can see various large cat species in this place such as lions and leopard. These carnivores are often considered as the apex predator in this national park. There are also other mammal such as elephant, giraffe, African buffalo, Burchell zebra and black rhinoceros. Finally, the reptiles on the Kruger national park are also quite varied because it holds huge reptile like crocodile and black mamba.


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