Kaanapali – Black Rock Beach, Maui

Kaanapali – Black Rock Beach, Maui is a very beautiful tourist spot with amazing views of the beaches by high cliffs background in the north. This is the most tourism places frequented by foreign travelers or workshops during the summer holidays. In the morning on Black Rock Beach you will feel the cool breeze of the sea with the waves were very calm. At this time you can discriminate sporting activities, such as running or strolling along the beach to enjoy the beautiful blue sea and white sand.

When the day has arrived, the tourists will start to perform various activities on the seaside, like sunbathing, swimming, or playing around with family and friends. Take pictures and record activity holidays in the Kaanapali – Black Rock Beach, Maui is what you need to do to provide a wonderful vacation memories.

In the northern part of the tourist attractions, you will see the black rock beach that often used the tourists to swim by jumping from the top of the cliff. It desperately needs your courage to do it, not as rare as some people thought better to do so.

When evening came, it was moments awaited by the tourists. At that time, you will see the sunsets are so beautiful and parallel with the surface of the sea water. Sunlight will give a reddish light reflection on the water and the sky will make the atmosphere more romantic if you see together with lover.

If you watch the sunset from the beach, the sunset light beauty will be hindered by some of the surrounding hills. The best place you can find to watch the sun sink is over the black rock near the Beach and of course this place will be crowded and visited by the tourists.

Overall, the Kaanapali – Black Rock Beach, Maui is an international tourist attraction that will be visited by local and foreign travelers during the summer vacation. In this place there will find a variety of interesting experiences and of course very enjoyable vacation with your family or your friends.


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