Jones Beach a Tourist Spot with Beautiful Landscape in New York

Jones Beach is a state park located in Nassau County, New York, United States. This place has been used as a tourist beach with a very beautiful landscape. You will also see vast stretches of white sand along the beach with the waves are quite big in certain seasons.

jones beach

Unlike other beach resorts are mostly decorated with large buildings on the beach, at JonesBeach you will only see the white sand that stretches wide enough. With contour like this, not many people make a place to perform a variety of sports activities, such as beach volleyball or bike races.

Some of the amenities can be found in Jones Beach

Band shell, parking fields, sports, Theodore Roosevelt nature center, Swimming pools, mini golf, Restaurants and Concessions. All of these facilities can be use by visitor for free but with a few provisions. To go to JonesBeach, you can use a variety of vehicles ranging from the bicycle, car, boat, or by bus in the summer. If you use a landline, you can start it from the state Wantagh parkway or state Meadowbrook parkway.

In certain times, especially during the summer vacation, The Jones Beach will be very crowded visited by local and foreign tourists. You will also see there will be many different activities ranging from music to entertainment stage or some competition like surfing and bicycle sports.

The most frequently visited places by tourists are on the Jones Beach Theatre. What was unique this place is made in ??under water, so that the audience will see a variety of performances that can easily also to enjoy the beautiful JonesBeach. When a performance is in progress, they will usually invite tourists to join together in order to enliven the event. This is one of the means used by the committee to introduce some culture contained in JonesBeach.

Overall, JonesBeach is a tourist spot that you can visit with family and friends. In there you will also be able to perform a variety of activities with more liberal and certainly safe for the kids and also much advised to visit on summer holiday season, because it will be a very festive atmosphere at all.


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