Jerman Beach, The Beauty of Bali You May Not Know

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Kuta Beach, Dreamland and Jimbaran are famous beauty in Bali. One of the beach that may not have been known widely traveler is Jerman Beach in the area of ??Kuta Beach. No less beautiful beaches, especially could see aircraft flight from close. The way how to go to the Jerman beach is not difficult, only about 10 minutes by bike from Ngurah Rai Airport. Out of Ngurah Rai airport parking lot, take the direction of the north fork there and then turn right.

After finding Wanasegara intersection, turn left to meet the existing fork sculpture Holiday Inn Resort, just follow the road until you see the beach. Then, park your vehicle and walk up to get to the beach.

Speaking beauty of Jerman beach, bellow 5 fact reviews about it.

1. Sand beach of Jerman Beach similar to Kuta Beach

Jerman beach arguably still the shoreline with Kuta Beach. The color of sand beaches is same, tanned and smooth feel when washed with legs. Better off your footwear when you’re running combing beaches.

2. Many boats

One of the beautiful scenery at the Jerman beach are many boats that rely on lip beaches. Of course for a traveler who hooked photographed, sights like these objects so good to be immortalized.

The boats are fishing boats or speedboat leased to tourists. Even so, their boats will not disturb your leisure activities in the Jerman coast.

3. Contour sloping beach

The German beach is Different between Suluban beach or Padang padang beach, the fields that many rocks. Jerman beach has a sloping beach contour and a long coastline. Could choose a place anywhere to sunbathe or play sand.

4. Many complete stalls meal

On the outskirts of the Jerman beach, lined up various stalls serving a variety of food and beverage menu. In front of the stall also provided great umbrella equipped bench for seating. Fun, drinking coconut ice here!

So, no need to be afraid of hunger during a visit to the German Coast.

5. The atmosphere is calm

The atmosphere at the Jerman beach is not as crowded as Kuta Beach. German Coast, the atmosphere is calm and quiet. Not surprisingly, you will see more foreign tourists who come here.

6 Photos of the Jerman Beach, The Beauty of Bali You May Not Know

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