Jalama Beach, Your Picnic Destination

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In summer, the weather is warm and calm so that makes you relax when you come in. When summer comes, people are looking for sunlight, so they are going to the beach. Most of them spend their holiday there. But in average, they stay in hotel, the resort provides it. It would be very expensive if you spend your holiday by stay every night at the hotel. Jalama beach offers you the different sensation of holiday. It is different from others because in that beach you won’t stay at hotel or inn, but you have to stay in camping.

Jalama Beach

General review about Jalama Beach

Jalama beach is located in the county of Santa Barbara, United States of America. There are so many facilities you can get there. There are personal cares sundries, groceries, ice, firewood, beer and wine, fishing bait and tackle at their store. So, it is very good for you to develop your hobbies there because it is well known as the place for visitors to develop their skill in other to fishing. It is also the best beach for surfing because it has the high wind. Long coast and medium waves makes you stay for a long time there.

Despite on the best surf place with medium waves, it does not make this beach become the dangerous beach. There are no reports about death or lost before it. There is lifeguard on his duty when summer comes, anticipate the numbers of the visitors. Beside the facilities, Jalama beach also has some public services.  It includes video rental, facsimile and mailing. There is one popular restaurant there named Store and Grill. It offers you the delicious taste of burger there. It is one of the wanted places in town. If you visit there, do not forget to buy the burger at least once so that makes you come again in another chances.

It can be the best privacy beach there because you do not have to stay in hotel or inn. You have to build your own camp. It is very good for camping because there are long coast along the seashore so that can you used to build the camp with your family or friend. In Jalama beach, you can spend your holiday with less money because it is very simple and fun vacation. You can do barbeque beside your own camp with your family, and play with friend at the beach without thinking the expensive of the hotel. That is why there are so many people there, who loved backpacker adventure spending their holiday at this beach than another beach with good facilities but expensive.

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