Ipanema Beach, Places of Bikini & Beautiful Women in the City of Samba

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All eyes are be looking to the Brazil for 2014 World Cup in a matter of days. Moreover, the State Samba have been used to steal the attention of the world about the beach vacations. Many rows of exotic beaches, such as Ipanema beach full of bikinis and beautiful women.

Brazil as a tropical country in South America that are preparing to hold the biggest football event of the 2014 World Cup which begins June 12. Football fans from various countries are ready to come to enliven the atmosphere. The tourists do not want to miss, it’s time to know Brazil from close.

About tourism, Brazilian society should puffed. They have a variety of destinations and carnival is already known on the world. Adventurous tourists can explore the Amazon river. Then , there is Christ The Redeemer which is a 38 meter tall statue of Jesus at of Corcovado Mountain. For the festival, who does not know the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro ‘s famous samba shake and followed by millions of participants?

For beach lovers traveler, Brazil has many rows of exotic beaches. One of the most famous beach there is Ipanema beach that stretches along 1,600 meters in the south of Rio de Janeiro . Informed from CNN Travel, Wednesday ( 06/04/2014 ) Ipanema Beach is a legendary beach. This beach be famous in the first time on the world by Brazilian singer, Antonio Carlos Jobim when wining  Grammy award music for Record of the Year in 1965 through a song called The Girl from Ipanema. It’s about beautiful women who sunbathe there.

From there,  Ipanema Beach became popular since the 1970s. The local government is also developing Ipanema Beach as a tourist destination is complete. There are bars and restaurants, hotels , shopping centers and so its Ipanema Beach nightlife in Rio de Janeiro. Some famous bar there likes Praca da Paz , Baixo Farme and Baixo Quiteria .

One thing that is so characteristic of course the beaches of Ipanema beach full of beautiful women in bikinis. Female tourist from around the world and also from Brazil sunbathing on benches or on a towel on the sand beach.

In fact, the largest online travel sites in the U.S., Expedia said Ipanema Beach as one of the five best beaches in the world for tourists bikini. Four other beach is Tamarama Beach in Australia, Beach Playa del Carmen, Mexico, New Zealand Maunganui Beach and Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.

In addition to sunbathing, tourists who come to Ipanema Beach also spent time playing with the water, beach soccer, hunting sunset and surf. But remember, the ocean currents there is quite dangerous so you have to be careful. Just so you know, the meaning of words in the local language Ipanema is a dangerous waters .

However, it did not make the tourists are afraid to come to Ipanema Beach. Tourists from around the world still come to sunbathe or find a mate may be …


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