Vintage Insotel Club Tarida Beach


Spain is the beautiful country in Europe because this country has much culture such as Matador. Matador become number one festival in this country because people in Spain love with gore sport. But, beside has much culture Spain has beautiful beached in the south of the country. The whole beaches are very exotic because the entire beaches are with white sand. In Ibiza, there is one beach named Tarida beach with classic hotel around the beach. Insotel Club Tarida Beach is example hotel in this beach and this resort has vintage design. The location of this hotel is in Spain specifically in Playa Cala Tarida, 07830.

The Facilities Insotel Club Tarida Beach

Insotel Club Tarida Beach is one of the four star hotels. However, this hotel is very tiny and people only get the small room inside the hotel. The facilities on this hotel are business center with high speed internet connection through Wi-Fi. In morning, people will get free breakfast and the can choose the best menu in this hotel and order as much as they want. Inside the guest room, there is small kitchen for them if they want to cook or prepare coffee in the morning if they don’t want go to the lobby to get their breakfast. Room service is available for 24 hours, so people always ask some help while they need anything.

Outside the Insotel Club Tarida Beach, there is swimming pool for the guest. They can swim in the swimming pool from 08.00 until 17.00. The parking lot is free of charge, but if people go in this hotel by bus, they must pay extra cash because the size of the house is very large for one parking lot. This hotel also available with traditional hotel that serve traditional Spanish food, but in this restaurant, people must pay by themselves because this facility is not free.

4 Photos of the Vintage Insotel Club Tarida Beach

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