Indian Rocks Beach, Summer Best City

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Indian rocks beach is a small town which is located in the Central of Florida. It is just less than 30 miles west of Tampa, Florida Gulf Coast. According to the history, there are so many reasons why it is named Indian. But based on local legend, the area is named for an Indian medicine man that cured his tribe’s sick chief with waters from a natural sulfur spring near rocks along the sea shoreline. The first bridge to the mainland was built in 1916, but the town was settled in the mid-1800s. This beach is very popular because it is nearby with the town.

Indian Rocks Beach

It is very rarely that in the beach there are many attractions, but in Indian rocks beach is different. In fact, this beach is well known as abundant parks and beach access points with several tourist attractions. The most wanted attraction in there is stretch of shoreline along the Gulf. Other popular spots is a wetlands boardwalk and a leash-free dog park and skateboard park. It is also has Historical Museum in a beach cottage, it tells the era long time ago to the modern era. The admission of the Museum is free.

Things To Do In Indian Rocks Beach

In this city, there are so many facilities that can be explored. After there are tourist attraction and historical museum, it is also has the beach art center. Beach art provides us the chances to view exhibits and displays by local and regional artist. This activity is immerse yourself in arts by attending classes and workshops in such subjects as painting, photography, sketching, jewelry-making, pottery and watercolors. In Indian rocks beach also has Clearwater marine aquarium. Clearwater marine aquarium is a marine educational center that saves and shows up the variety of marine animals.

The best part of Indian rocks beach are Pinellas County Heritage Village and The Sun Coast Seabird Sanctuary. Pinellas County Heritage Village that located just four miles southeastand itis a living history museum with more than 25 historic structures including church, school and railroad depot. This village has free admission, a gift shop and nature trail. The Sun Coast Seabird Sanctuary is located five miles north and it is a wild-bird hospital and open-air aviary in Indian shores. So, if you have a planning to stay there, consider it for a long time because you will get more advantages in accommodation choices like hotels and resorts.

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