Hierve el Agua, Petrified waterfalls in Mexico

Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua – Beautiful waterfalls for travelers was not merely a matter of swift water that falls from a height. Petrified waterfalls is also very pretty as it is in Mexico. How so?

Mexico has natural wonders that can make eyes stunned tourists. If you see a raging waterfall, in Mexico, you are instead presented with a view of the petrified waterfalls. Tourists can see this natural wonder in the Central Valleys, Oaxaca, Mexico. Local residents named the waterfall is Hierve el Agua. At first glance, it looked like a frozen waterfall on the cliff. Waterfall impression is even more powerful because there is a large pool on the cliff.

However, if observed, it is a petrified waterfall rock formations that make up the mineral in the cliff like a waterfall. Excerpted from the Huffington Post, this mineral rock formation has existed since thousands of years ago. Different mineral colors with other rocks, cliffs make an impression fed by water. A cursory look, really looks like a petrified waterfall.

There are many ways to enjoy the natural beauty. Tourists can direct the camera to capture the moment through photo. However, the pleasure can swim up to the top of the cliffs and swim in his pool. Be prepared to swim in fresh water with fantastic scenery from the top of the cliff.

12 Photos of the Hierve el Agua, Petrified waterfalls in Mexico

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