Haulover Beach, The Unique Vacation Miami Dade Country

Haulover Beach is a tourist location which is located 14 mile from the MiamiDadeCounty and this place is an entertainment center for local and foreign tourists. In this place you will find a lot of activities and stunning natural scenery. When you arrive at Haulover Beach, you will see the vast stretches of white sand along the calm waves in the ocean blue. Some buildings near the beach are still very rarely seen along the coast especially in nude area that is a very unique vacation spot in Haulover Beach at all.

There is a tourist spot in Haulover Beach where the tourists who come not wear clothing at all and of course the area is only reserved for adults not for children. When you will enter the area, there will be a warning sign that tells “Attention: Beyond this point you may encounter nude bathers.” So you need to think if want to enter the area.

Some facilities that can be found in Haulover Beach

Such as lifeguards are ready at any time, lot of tourist showers, rest areas near beach, food & Drink stand, and you can also rent a chair and umbrella around Haulover Beach.

There are so many activities you can do when visiting the Houlover Beach with your friends, such as swimming, sand play, a walk along the beach, playing beach volleyball & football and doing photographs with friends or family. But most of the tourists who come here prefer to sunbathe in the rented chair and umbrella on the side base.

As you know, the Haulover Beach tourism place is gets very crowded once visited by local and foreign travelers during the summer vacation. And most of them have age between 17 years to 60 years with a partner to enjoy the beauty of the Haulover Beach.

If you have a plan and want do a vacation to HauloverBeach, we advise you not to come with small children, because many of the sights are not suitable for them, and it also can be a place for a honeymoon moments with your lover.


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