Hamleys, The Oldest Toy Store In The World

London – For those of you who like toys, there is a shop that not to be missed when traveling to the London City. Hamleys, as the name implies, it is the oldest toy store in the world. The shop is open since 1760! Hamleys toy store first opened by an Englishman named William Hamley. Opened at the beginning of the 1760, the store was named Noah’s Ark located in High Holborn, London. In 1881, the store moved to Regent Street till today.

Reported the official website of Hamleys, Hamleys now occupies seven floors of the building and selling more than 50,000 toys. This store is one of the popular tourist destinations in London besides the London Eye, London Bridge, and the British Museum. At Hamleys, a traveler can find almost all kinds of toys. Ranging from dolls, action figures, LEGO, soft toys, outdoor, until cool toys that use remote control.

Besides in Regent Street, until today there are 10 branches spread across the UK Hamleys. Starting from Cardiff, Manchester, Sheffield, also large airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick. Not only that, the branch of Hamleys has penetrated into Dublin, Stockholm, Oslo, Mumbai, Riyadh, Mexico City, and several major cities in Asia.

Even so, the oldest and largest store is located on Regent Street. Must be visited during a travel to the British capital!


13 Photos of the Hamleys, The Oldest Toy Store In The World

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