Haeundae Beach, Popular Korea’s Beach in Summer Seasons

If you are on vacation to Korea in the summer , be sure to visit the very famous Haeundae Beach . The beach is located between the hills and the island Dalmaji Dongbaekseom South Korean city of Busan is known as the best beach in the State Ginseng . From this beach , you can also see the other sights are no less beautiful the Suspension Brigde Gwangan , the second largest bridge in Korea .

In the summer this beach will be officially opened and the domestic and foreign tourists to come and swim in Haeundae beach . Thousands umbrella mounted on the shoreline . Looks beautiful when seen from a distance . Yes , you will not find an empty spot an inch here . Arrive early to get a spot . The attraction of this beach is the bright sun light . After smothering the winter , I wonder if playing on the beach gives pleasure self . You will feel the weather up to 30 degrees Celsius, which warms the body . Beach with a length of 1.5 kilo meters on August 2, 2008 and broke the world record for the number of beach umbrellas at most, the 7397 umbrella with different colors . This shows how Haeundae very popular in Korea .

Activity and Accommodation in Haeundae Beach

Perhaps the many festivals held only helped make the beach opened in July and August is known to the tourists . For example, eco-friendly festival usually lasts for 4 days during the summer . In the festival will be made world-class sand sculpture featuring a legendary figure like Admiral Yi Sun – shin and Alexander the Great . Haeundae Sand Festival mat also eagerly awaited by tourists . Many things that we can see when the event takes place , for example a hot sand bath , where visitors buried in sand from neck to toe . Other activities of the beach volleyball competition , exhibition of various types of sand from around the world and marathon race . The festival is held since 2005 and was originally to be part of the activities of APEC .

Haeundae also played host to the Busan International Film Festival which is held each fall . Already famous film festival is showing a number of Korean films that have been released as well as the works of filmmakers from around Asia , including Indonesia . For approximately 9 days Busan International Festival celebrations , around 300 films and 70 countries around the world competed for the title in 11 categories including Gala Presentation , New Currents , and World Cinema .

At specific times , this beach is always crowded . When the first World Cup matches featuring the South Korean national team , beaches crowded with people watching the show are held together through a large screen that has been provided . Just before the January 1 , Haeundae crowded by tourists and Koreans celebrate the New Year on the beach .

In 2009 , Jung became the set of the first Korean disaster movie with the title ” Haeundae ” . So no wonder if many say this beach is the most famous beach in Korea instead ? Actually, in the 70s , the area is not too well known to many people because at that time there is no hotel and skyscraper buildings built around the coast . Now the beach is like a gated luxury buildings , some of which are bars and inns . When night falls and the water receding beaches , bars around those areas is at the center of life . Thump of music and merry laughter of visitors seemed to indicate that Haeundae beach never sleeps even bolder late . Not just entertainment , you have to make themselves available for a culinary tour here because of the restaurants along the Haeundae beach offers a menu that featured the famous sushi -style get a delicious Busan .


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Haeundae Beach GirlsHaeundae Beach
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