Great Barrier Reef with Its Gorgeous Underwater Scenery

For any people who love to see beautiful underwater scenery, they can put Great Barrier Reef inside their holiday destination. Located at Australia, this place is known as a heaven for any people who love underwater adventure especially, for some divers who love to dive under the sea. Based on its name, we already know that the place is famous for its coral reef that spreads around any places inside the sea. Besides, the place is also known as the largest coral reef site in this world. Because of its popularity, it attracts many people to come to this place including some international tourists who love to see beautiful underwater sea from its coral reef.

Actually, Great Barrier Reef is used as Aborigine tribe and Torres Strait Islander that has been live at the place for long time. For ancient people, the place is known as spirituality place that is used for several rituals. Since the improvement of time, the place is used as tourism site that brings many people to this place. Therefore, it becomes great advantage for Australian government to introduce the natural beauty of Australia to the international scene. Besides, it also brings huge profit for Australian economic.

Tons of gorgeous and colorful coral reefs can be found on Great Barrier Reef. At least, there are around 330 species of coral reef that are growth on this coral reef site. In addition for its reef, there are also many species that live under the sea of this coral reef site, such as, dolphin, whale, dugongs, and other sea species. It becomes great attraction that attracts many people including for some people who love to see the greatness gift given by God through this place.

Since the improvement of time, there are also some troubles that come around the reef site. One of the serious problems that haunt the world is climate change. It brings huge chance especially for nature that harms some species for example, the reef. The climate change makes the reef bleaching process becomes faster than its actual process. Besides, pollution also becomes great problem that pollute the water of reef. Based on some problems above, we need to keep place cleaned and safe from any troubles before it’s too late. The simplest way to keep the Great Barrier Reef safe from any problems is by not doing any activities that can harm the reef.


7 Photos of the Great Barrier Reef with Its Gorgeous Underwater Scenery

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