Spend Summer Times to Golden Beach Florida

Golden Beach is a tourist spot that located in miami-dade County, the state of Florida, United State. This place has an area of ??1 cubic kilometer with land about 90 percent and waters about 10 percent. With a population of about 909 inhabitants, this place has a density of 2.692.7 per kilometer cubic.

The Golden Beach attraction location is very unique; to the east you will find views of the beach while the western side there is a freshwater river. It can be said, The Golden Beach is a meeting between freshwater with seawater.

golden beach

Public facilities in the Golden Beach

The Public facilities are established in the Golden Beach attraction is built with a variety of modern architectures. You will also see a lot of buildings in every corner of the town. This is one of the best areas for different water views of the two sides.

The Golden Beach will usually visited by local and foreign tourists during the summer vacation. You will be see a lot of travelers who do activities such as swimming, surfing, sunbathing, or take a stroll through the city to see modern building architecture.

In the afternoon the sinking sun a view is did not disappoint. If the weather in sunny conditions, you will quite clearly see the sun slowly disappearing coastlines with reflection to reddish orange light on water and sky.

The right time to do the holiday to Golden Beach is during the summer time. In addition there will be a lot of events that you can be found, you also can do a variety of activities with a more pleasant shore. The Golden Beach is a tourist place in dedicated to all ages, ranging from children to the elderly. Of course, this resort is very well suited to use for a family holiday.

However, because the area of ??Golden Beach is not too big, to get the hotel or accommodation you need to walk approximately about 0.8 mile to 1.7 mile from The Golden Beach. Some inns to choose such as Ramada Inn Resort, Marenas Resort, Turnberry Isle Miami, Aventura Residence Inn by Marriott, and Days Hotel Thunderbird beach.


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