Goa Beach Party, An Event a Long Holiday Season in India

Goa Beach Party is an event held to attract local and foreign tourists to come to the village of Goa. This party is will be open on a long holiday season or when a national holiday in there and held from the afternoon until midnight. As we know, The Goa beach is a tourist spot located in the country of India. This tourist spot is still very traditional and there is no first-class modern facility as seen if you visit the beaches in America as in Hawaii, such as five stars hotel

In there you will see a small shack buildings on the beach Suburb and it is used for lodging by the tourists who come to Goa Beach. You also will see a variety of sizes of fishing boats leaning around the residential area. This is because most native people there had a job as a fisherman.

At Goa Beach scenery, you will not find a great white sands view, but rather a view of the blue sea with big waves. Usually the tourists who come to Goa Beach is more fun to surf or swim on the beach suburb.

Party in Goa Beach is usually held every weekend, by displaying a variety of activities ranging from dancing traditional dances, some competitions, and live music performances, and of course sees the various cultures of local people.

By evening, Goa Beach Party will be livelier, which was attended by local and foreign tourists. You will listen and hearing the traditional music and then the tourists will blend to perform traditional dances. It is very interesting view and a remarkable sight.

But as we all know, the lodging place in Goa Beach is not have five star facilities. Most of the tourists who did not get a place to stay, they prefer to come to a settlement and stay there.

For this reason, if you are planning on attending a Goa Beach Party, it’s good to make booking a place where you can vacation more enjoyable and usually makes booking a month before goa beach party takes place is highly recommended.


7 Photos of the Goa Beach Party, An Event a Long Holiday Season in India

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