Getting Know The Hero Of Kangaroos Country in Australia War Memorial

The Australian Government has own way of honoring and remembering the fallen heroes services while running errands. To know and inform the Australian heroes history of World War 1 to missions in various countries, the Australian government build a modern museum Australian War Memorial. Located in straight line with Parliament House Canberra.

Steve, the official Australian War Memorial, explaining the function of the museum. The Australian Government wants to remember and describe the struggle of the hero of Australia to the citizens when engaging combat mission to the handling of conflicts abroad.

Steve also explains the meaning of each ornament in the museum. One of them pointed to the carved inscription states ever visited Australian troops. The names of countries or areas once visited by Australian soldiers such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and even the Indonesian territory of which Kalimantan (Borneo), Java to Papua.

“The article describing the war and missions ever undertaken Australia like Confrontation Malaysia and Indonesia in Borneo, World War 1 and 2, then the Iraq War, Afghanistan etc. Australia had sent peacekeeping forces in 1947 to Indonesia to support the transition after the Dutch left Indonesia,” Steve said at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, Saturday (11/14/2015).

Steve also explains the names of the fallen heroes in every mission. Australian hero name carved on the walls of the Australian War Memorial.

“It’s remembering name of the hero of men and women that died. Not all who died was born in Australia, but there is the outside but the birth was recorded as the Australian army,” he explained.

In the domed building carved paintings each soldier of any entity. Australia also include images of nurses who work tirelessly to support any mission.

Steve also had to demonstrate the eternal flame in the middle section of the building. The flame symbol depicting the spirit and services of the heroes who have fallen. When entering the area within the building, the officer did not charge. Carrying a map, visitors can see a mix of technologies to legacy of the war to illustrate the history of World War 1 to the latest mission in the Middle East have been followed by Australian soldiers.

ThereĀ are diorama Australian soldiers in every battle. While down the museum, some of the visitors looked cool to sit while watching the video the activities of the soldiers in various missions. A variety of the latest fighter to old equipment such as weapons, ammunition, armor, swords, helicopters, planes, tanks until the warship on display inside and building space. Game lights, the computer voice adds a sense of comfort to the visitors to learn the history of the war of Australia.

When confused, every officer is ready to help to provide information. Visitors to the museum are very crowded because it coincided with the holiday weekend. Looks a child asked his father about the pictures and sculptures in the museum.

Inside the building, there is a cafe facilities until toilet super clean. Imperceptibly, 30 minutes of walking around in the area of the Australian War Memorial. At the end of the trip, visitors can buy a souvenir of the Australian War Memorial located at the exit.

Museum is open every day from 10:00 until 17:00 local time. There is no charge to visit the Australian War Memorial. However, visitors can voluntarily put money in the donation box at the main entrance of the building.

Before leaving the Australian War Memorial, visitors can take pictures in front of the museum with a red background and building parks Parliament House.


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