Gaiola, Beautiful & Damned Island in Italy

At first glance, Gaiola looks like a pretty island with a luxury villa on it. However, the island located in Naples, Italy have a dark story. Gaiola supposedly cursed. The villa occupants died tragically. Many tourists fascinated by the beauty of Gaiola. The island lies just off the coast, just 30 meters from the Gulf Posilipo. Gaiola divided into two small islands, connected by bridges cement.

As a part of Gaiola Underwater Park, this area be snorkeling and diving spot destination. Not a few tourists who swim from the coast to Gaiola, visit the magnificent abandoned villa on it. But not many know, this island has a dark story.

Compiled from various sources, the inhabitants of the villa must be having bad luck. It is said to be related to the presence of Gaiola the first part of the Roman Empire. On the seabed there are even ruins, including a temple dedicated to the Goddess
Love the Venus.

The beginning of the 19th century, supposedly inhabited by a pastor Gaiola nicknamed ‘The Wizard’. Daily Mail Online mention, Luigi de Negri was first residents. Soon he become poor because farm business went bankrupt.

In the 1920s, the villa is occupied by a Swiss man named Hans Braun. The story ended tragically, Hans found murdered and wrapped in carpet. Shortly thereafter, his wife was found drowned in the sea.

The next owner of the villa, a German named Otto Grunback, died of a heart attack. Fate subsequent owner, the owner of a pharmaceutical company Maurice-Yves Sandoz ends with suicide in a mental hospital.

‘Curse’ continues to roll to the owners of the villa afterwards. Gianni Agnelli for example, experiencing stress due to the death of many of his relatives. Paul Getty in shock because his grandson was kidnapped. The last owner was Gianpasquale Grappone Gaiola Island, which ended in jail.

Apart from the island supposedly cursed, Gaiola still frequented by tourists. Huffington Post news site said, many a traveler on a ship or snorkel around the island. The tracks on the island are also made ??of natural stone, with its stunning views. Dare to get there?

12 Photos of the Gaiola, Beautiful & Damned Island in Italy

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