Fontanelle Cemetery Cave, A Thousand Skulls In Italy

Perhaps, a traveler would not think there is a cave containing a skull in Italy. Here Fontanelle Cemetery Cave located in Via Fontanelle, Naples. The cave containing hundreds of thousands of skulls there. Actually, this cave has been used as the ossuary since the 16th century, which are a cemetery, buildings, wells, or sites created as the final resting place of the remains of a human skeleton.

Base from the Naples official government website, around the 16th century there were three gripping events in Naples. First, the uprising of the people who do not like the government at that time (which is still controlled by Spain). Secondly, outbreaks of cholera and the third natural disaster in the form of a devastating earthquake.

The most severe, is a cholera outbreak that turns when it has not found a cure and considered a mysterious disease. In 1656, approximately 150 thousand to 250 thousand people died and her remains stacked in the cave. The cave quite large and own many branches. The cave also had supposedly haunted by the local community and no one dared approach. Cave left without being treated with hundreds of thousands of skulls and bones!

In 1764, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes rocked Naples. Tens thousands of people died. Appears a big problem, a common burial ground there are not able to accommodate the bodies. Finally, return the cave used as a cemetery.

It was only in 1872, a priest named Gaetano Barbati cleared the cave. He considered unethical if the skulls strewn everywhere. That said, there are 400 thousand more skulls in there! Pastor Gaetano Barbati necessarily make shelves and chests to tidy up the skulls there. Some boxes were given family names who left the bodies of his family members there. The atmosphere inside the cave became more orderly.

After that, the local government appreciates the priest acts and prohibit residents to put more bodies there. The cave was used as a place for prayer and arranged more neatly, to pray for the bodies of those who died and put there. Now, Fontanelle Cemetery Cave became one of the tourist destinations in Napoli. The tourists were not charged for entrance to his cave.

10 Photos of the Fontanelle Cemetery Cave, A Thousand Skulls In Italy

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