The Exotic of Bali Island in Indonesia

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Bali Island is one of the most famous tourism spot in the Country of Indonesia. Bali which is often known as the island of the gods or commonly known as “pulau dewata” in Indonesian is having large amount of tourism resort that will make many tourism feel refreshed and enjoy their holiday if they are coming to this place.

There are several famous tourism spot that are recommended to be visited when you are visiting Bali on your holiday. For you who are interested in finding out the exotic beauty and unique tourism spot offered by this island can read further to know more about what this island can offer.


Bali Island Exotic Tourism Spots

If you are visiting Bali Island then it will be not complete if you do not visit the Kuta beach. Kuta beach is one of the most famous tourism resorts in Bali. The locations of this beach are quite strategic because it is located near the airport and does not have high cost entrance. To make things better this beach have the most awesome wave that is quite friendly for first time surfer. This means you can practice your surfing ability in this place. However, what makes this place a great tourism spot is because the locations are great and you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and sunrise in this place with your beloved one.

If Kuta beach considered as one of the best tourism resort in Bali Island then you will not get disappointed if you come to one of the pura in Bali called Pura Tanah Lot. As one of the most unique Pura in Bali Pura Tanah Lot offer exotic scenery with religious atmosphere. This place has two Pura or temple for the sea god. The most notable feature in this Pura is because of its location that is located in a huge reef on the edge of the sea. In this place you can see one of the most unique scenery especially in the night while the sea is drowning the pillar that holds Pura Tanah Lot. Therefore you can only go to this place in the day.

For you who does not really like beach scenery can also go to Sangeh in Ubud Bali. This place is a perfect place for any adventurer who wants to go to a trip to the nature. Sangeh basically is a forest that is populated by monkeys. All of these monkeys are considered as a sacred animal by the local. Therefore, the monkey in this place is protected and is free to roam the forest as they want. However, as a tourist we need to be careful with our belongings if we go to this place because sometimes the monkey may stole some of our belongings. There are still many tourism spot in Bali that have unique and great place to explore such as Tanjung Benoa and Jimbaran Beach So, if you visiting Bali Island do not forget to explore it and feel the magic emitted by this island.


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