Enjoying Lake Titisee And The Black Forest


Titisee is a lake name, located in southern Germany. Lake area of 1.3 square kilometers and is surrounded by forest Black Forest is the site of a healthy nature. Titisee in the region, tourists can enjoy the cake “black forest” with original recipes and sipping German beer.

Titisee name is taken from the name of Roman Emperor Titus. Until now, Titisee become one of the favorite destinations of tourists from various countries.

The lake was formed after glaciers formed during the ice age 10,000 years ago melted since. Glaciers that are snow petrified sediment formed when the temperature decreases in the Earth long periods of time, which led to widespread ice in polar and mountain.



From the lake, flowing Gutach river that divides two city  Titisee and Neustadt.

Titisee lake located at an altitude of 858 meters above sea level and has a depth of approximately 40 meters. The lake is located in the forest slopes of the Black Forest Feldberg and Hochfirst.

For hundreds of years, the beauty of Titisee are still hidden

Since 1929, many people began to settle in the area called “Viertaler” – which means that the four-valley. Train station in Titisee built since the late 19th century.

Titisee lake became a popular tourist location since the early 20th century. Around the lake was built resorts resting place. Many hotels and inns have sprung up. The lake is a perfect location for those who love swimming, sailing, and wind surfing in the summer. Tourists can take a boat or canoe to surround the lake.

Forest and beer

Not only sports tirta interesting in this lake, but the Black Forest forest around them is also an attraction. Titisee is a heart of the Black Forest Nature Park South (Southern Black Forest Natural Park) which also offers sports attractions, ranging from hiking to mountain bikes.

Around the lake there is a small town of Triberg the population was more than 7,000 people. Here scattered cafes and restaurants. One cafe serving original black forest cake. Black forest cake recipe that is processed Josef Keller in 1915 was said to be the first and original recipes.

Here, too, there is the German Clock Museum is more than 350 years old. Cuckoo clock making tradition still alive in Triberg. Until now, Triberg is still referred to as the “capital of the world cuckoo clock”.

After enjoying the panoramic view of the lake with the forest Black Forest, as well as tasting black forest cake with original recipes, not ritually pure if not sipping German beer.

“The price of a glass of beer here just 50 Euro cents,” said an employee of the cafe when offering German beer.

Sipping a German beer in the cooler weather makes the body becomes warm.

In addition to the tour buses, Titisee can be reached by train. The trip from Titisee station to the lake can be reached on foot.

Titisee, tourists enjoy the natural lakes, forests dark Black Forest, black forest cake with original recipes, and refreshing German beer.


6 Photos of the Enjoying Lake Titisee And The Black Forest

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