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There are some ways to enjoy summer vacation. For those who live in North America, the beach is a favorite destination. Beach could be the best destination especially for family. Not only because it require great expense, but also because it can enjoy by every age groups.

Myrtle Beach Facilities

Myrtle Beach has some of the best beaches in the U.S. East Coast, which is famous for its panoramic view of the Atlantic, calm waters and soft white sand. Myrtle Beach is a suitable destination for families. Not only the stunning scenery. Myrtle Beach also offers some activities for the kids when they are tired of playing the sand. There are amusement parks, water sports, and golf courses within easy reach. Meanwhile, restaurant and hotel suitable for families are also scattered everywhere. We also could visit Boardwalk. Boardwalk stretches along the coast of Myrtle Beach. This is a great place for a walk along the beach without getting your feet sandy or just to sit and watch people enjoy their summer.

If you go sailing, you can feel the Atlantic oceans breeze. You can also visit the Chapin Art Museum Franklin Burroughs-Simeon. This museum displays the original production art including Mickey Mouse and Dora the Explorer. If you want to enjoy the old town came to Conway. This place is the atmosphere like in the early 1700s. In Myrtle Beach, the beach is lined with high-rise hotels and condominiums where you can enjoy it with just a walk.

Myrtle Beach Weather

Myrtle beach weather should be one of considered thing before we planned our vacation. Before we go for vacation better for us to know how the weather on our vacation destination. This prevents our holiday disrupted by the weather that is too hot or rainy weather. In December till February, weather in Myrtle beaches usually rainy. There are also the sunny days but the chance of raining is still big. The temperature ranges are from 57 until 61o F or 14 until 16C. At the night the temperature could drop until 36F. But in summer, the temperature range could reach 88F.

Make sure also about the possibility of storms. America is a place that is prone to hurricanes. Sometime ago there was a storm along the coast in Carolina. Tropical Storm Hanna had approached the coast. These storms cause heavy rains and big waves. But this storm did not cause flooding. Storm not only can disrupt your holiday. But it also makes you not get out of your holiday because the flight would be canceled if a storm comes.


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Myrtle beach weather

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