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Miami Beach

Everybody wants to go to Miami Beach, the paradise for the rich, to enjoy the legendary sunset. This beach is always full in weekends and also holidays seasons. Due to the high tourist traffic to Miami Beach, the locals raise the price of almost everything and make the vacation rates rise. So, if you have a very limited budget to go to Miami Beach, then you can follow the following tips.

Tips for Low Cost Miami Beach Holiday

The first tip that you can do is changing from expensive winter flight and hotel charges. In exchange, book a ticket for a spring flight. You will enjoy the warm April in Miami Beach with cheaper air fares. By doing so, you can save up to $150 and more, because the ticket drops as low as $350 in winter ends and $250 in April. The hotel rates also drop when you book for Saturday to Monday and save you $50. Another thing that you can do to save your money is by staying a little far away from the beachfront. Choose a hotel that is a block away from the crowd and you will get a room for $150 instead of $400 for a night. The example of the budget hotel is Hotel 18, The Kent, Hotel Chelsea, and more. Those hotels include bars and restaurants where you can eat and relax with affordable price. Save another dollar in your pocket by eating like local people.

There are many places where you can sit and enjoy local foods which are cheaper than a fine dining or food at a restaurant in Miami Beach. Front Porch Café offers you fresco coffee and granola pancake in a big size. Another place for eating on a budget is Z Hotel. If you love sandwich and salad, just walk into La Sandwicherie and order a delicious sandwich or salad that you can enjoy in the bar or wrapped for your beach picnic. Puerto Sagua is another place for cheap foods. It offers you oxtail stew and shrimp based foods.

Don’t Pay for Fun

In Miami Beach you can get your ultimate fun without paying anything. Surely you can sun bathe in the Miami Beach but when you have tanned enough, go for a walk to Lincoln Road. It is located between 16th and 17th streets. This open pedestrian offers you first rate boutique and café shop. Enjoy also free fun at The Mediterranean-style Espanola Way where you can visit various interesting shops and bars.

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Miami Beach
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