Enjoy Adventure in Fort Myers Beach

Lovers Key State Park

Fort myers beach area is a tourist area that offers the perfect adventure. There are many rows of pleasant beach to enjoy the hot sun, adventure in remote and scenic flora and fauna unspoiled Cayo Costa. Along the edge of Lynn Hall all visitors can choose a place to sunbathe, play sand, restaurants, cafes and even water sports facilities like swimming pool, kayaks, boats and all the games on the water.

Fort myers beach

Fort Myers Beach sits on a little barrier island, about seven miles long, and the beach is fabulous – wide, gradually sloping, and thick with the area’s justifiably famed sugar-sand. It has accommodations in all price ranges and lots to do.

Best Browsing Around Fort Myers Beach 

Around the beach is famous for its natural beauty and feel of real natural there are many interesting places which are usually a favorite destination for tourists. The following are some places you can go to the list of your visit.

1. Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key State Park

The beach is located between Fort Myers and Bonita beach is still very natural to go. The beach that does not have access to for decades has become a major destination lovers. Today the beach has become a common area so it is easy to find accommodation. Although it has become a common tourist area but like all the beauty of white sand, sunny weather with the sun very friendly and the perfect variety of wild animals.

2. Black Island

Black Island FtMyers Beach

If you want to enjoy all in Fort Myers then you should go to this place. Pathways for adventurous with hiking or bike are available with complete facilities. Restaurant, bar, cafe, public bathrooms, the hotel is along the region. This place also provides entertainment with explorations of ancient Calusa Indian site.

3. Bowman’s beach

Bowman’s beach

If visiting Fort Myers area you should also enjoy the beauty of the Sanibel area. One of the beaches in this area are Bowman’s beach is a natural beach area often becomes a haven for beach lovers of the world. The white sand beaches and tranquil water is a favorite of visitors. The water is colored blue and the sunset is always an idol for photo enthusiasts. And all the beach facilities such as shaded picnic tables to be around the beach and public toilet facilities are very comfortable. For tourists who like to swim at the beach can take the place of comfort and of course safe from aquatic animals.

Fort Myers Beach Travel and Accommodations

Most visitors travel to Fort Myers Beach by land or air. Both domestic and international airlines fly into The Southwest Florida International Airport on a daily basis. It’s the nearest airport and takes about 30 minutes by car to reach Fort Myers, easily accomplished thanks to Fort Myers Beach’s proximity to many major interstate highways. If a rental car isn’t your preference, some hotels and resorts offer transportation to and from the island, while there are also a variety of limo and taxi services available to visitors.

There’s an enormous range of places for you to call home when you head to Fort Myers Beach. Are you looking for a four-star hotel or resort? Private vacation rentals, such a Fort Myers Beach condo or guesthouses? Do you want an extended stay at a local inn, motel, or even long-term Fort Myers real estate options? Use us as a travel guide to find the perfect place that fits within your schedule and budget, yet also offers the amenities and comforts you desire.

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