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Ushuaia Argentina – The attractiveness of city is a city that have unique attractions, parks, or historic buildings. In contrast to Ushuaia in Argentina, the city is making curious traveler as located at the southern end of the Earth! Not many a traveler who hear the name of this city. Travel websites such as CNN call the city at the southernmost tip of the Earth. If you do not believe, just type the word ‘end of the world, Ushuaia’, there are many sites that discuss traveling this city.

Let us know Ushuaia Argentina closer. Geographically, Ushuaia is the capital city of Tierra del Fuego which is the biggest island in the southern part of Latin America. Western part of the region of the eastern countries such as Chile and the location within the City of Ushuaia enter the country of Argentina.

Ushuaia in the far south of Tierra del Fuego. Just so you know, this city was founded in 1884 by missionaries from Argentina.

Speaking of the natural landscape, panorama Ushuaia City can not be underestimated. The city is surrounded by mountains and Martial Olivia snowy mountains. Do not be surprised, if here you can see the snow every day. Not to mention, the vast blue ocean and green forests are dazzling.

What can a tourist do in Ushuaia Argentina?

You can take a train from the station to the End of the World National Park Tierra del Fuego. Station names are unique and the scenery along the way 1 hour 40 minute train ride was truly captivating. Arriving in Tierra del Fuego National Park, trekking and you can see the Antarctic Ocean with satisfaction. There samuderanya across the South Pole!

For tourists who love to play with penguins, Ushuaia City has been named as one of the five best places to see penguins in the world. From the Port of Ushuaia, you can cross to an island known as the Estancia Harberton a marine research.

There are 3,000 pairs of Magellanic penguins and Gentoo penguin colony is located on the coast of the island. You can walk in the middle of them, but still must be guided by a ranger from Estancia Harberton. Seemed to be in the world of penguins alone!

Tourists who like the extreme stuff, do not need all the way. Prepare stamina for trekking as far as 7 km from Ushuaia city center towards the top of one of the Martial Mountains. On top of the peak, many glaciers aka big chunks of ice.

Ushuaia City is also frequently visited by cruise ships or research ships from around the world. Therefore, this is the last port city toward the Antarctic Ocean and the South Pole.

How to get there:

From Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, there are 3 flights a day towards Ushuaia. Accommodation such as star hotels and homestays in the city is also complete. Do not forget to prepare a jacket, as the weather is quite cold there.

Welcome to the most southern end of town on Earth!

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