El Nido, The Hidden Paradise in Philipines

Many times, a very interesting place to visit isn’t known to many people. So many hidden paradise that very foreign in the world such as El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. It is a village consisting of beach whit the blue sea and the white sand beach, your eyes definitely spoiled by it. Furthermore the beautiful scenery of sunset and the island that stretches high and looks like a mountain from a distance make this place really fascinating.

Located far enough from the hustle of city, it seems reasonable El Nido not popular among tourists. In fact, you still have to travel about 8 hours, after landing at the nearest airport Puerto Princessa. Overland journey was not smooth. Full-wave and very narrow, so you can imagine how horrible the path taken to reach this hidden paradise.

In El Nido, the journey can begin by enjoying snorkeling in the hidden lagoon. You will also be taken for enjoying lunch on a secret beach that felt into private property.

The water so clear and blue

You can also see the bright blue bay and the active volcano, but awesome to look at. When you board a small ship across the sea, you’ll realize how blue and clear the water there. Fish are seen clearly, until such clustering. Very pleasant, there is a bar to relax at the beach that surrounded by white sand. This bar has complete music entertainment that makes your vacation time more so pleasant.

For those of you who want to try traveled to El Nido, following some tips from News.com.au. First, book a flight from Manila towards Puerto Princessa. There are two airlines that provide this service, Air Asia and Cebu Pacific. Before traveling to El Nido, make sure you make reservations in advance. Usually, many range of trips offered from the village.

Furthermore, you can choose Doublegem Resort as a place to stay. Besides clean, you are guaranteed to feel at home resting at the inn because from here, you can easily see the beautiful sunset scenery on the bay.


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