Duomo Cathedral Milan, The Oldest Cathedral Ever Built

In Milan, stands the magnificent architecture of the Gothic cathedral, the Duomo Cathedral in Milan. The cathedral was built over 600 years with dozens of architects. Amazing! The cathedral is built from the white marble, with pointy toes roof, typical of Gothic architecture. A glimpse, looks like the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona architect Gaudi which is designed.

Finished Sixth Century, The Oldest Cathedral Built!

The difference is the construction of the Cathedral, after the death of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia hampered because nobody could guess the imagination of the architect of the building intact. Duomo Cathedral otherwise, done keroyokan by 70s architects across the ages for 6 centuries. According to the website duomomilano.it, this cathedral was built in 1387 by architect Simone da Orsenigo first and last recorded architect is Benigno Morlin Visconti Castiglione 1988.

Many medieval statues carved in white marble from the Candoglia, a village in Italy. The door just from the copper as high as 10 meters, which was green. At the entrance, there is an engraving of the story of the life of Jesus from birth to crucifixion. Finely carved statue with perfect details of human anatomy.

Initially, this cathedral is the brainchild from the Archbishop Antonio da Saluzzo in 1386 that this plan makes the new cathedral at the site of the Basilica of Santa Maggiore. A year later, Lord of Milan, Gian Galeazzo Viconti establish Veneranda Fabrica del Duomo, the organization responsible for the construction of the cathedral from design, development to conservation.

Viconti others decided that this cathedral should be built entirely with white marble from the the village Condoglia. Best HR was brought in from the all over central Europe, including architects, sculptors up to porters.


12 Photos of the Duomo Cathedral Milan, The Oldest Cathedral Ever Built

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