How To Decide the Right Mode of Transportation to Suit Your Vacation Budget

Vacation Budget

Vacation Budget – There are 3 aspects to consider in planning your vacation. These 3 factors are all budget-related, namely: transportation, accommodation and food. Why are these 3? Because these 3 factors will determine how much you spend for your vacation.

As most of you are probably aware of, vacation gives you benefits and one of them is health. Due to increasing life’s pressure, we are prone to stress caused by workload, physical weaknesses caused by overwork, and other physical as well as mental problems. This is where vacation becomes a need, at least once a year. In this article, I will share with you my personal experience on how to minimize your Vacation Budget, specifically focusing on transportation factor. Why transportation? Not only that transportation cost normally covers almost half of the whole budget, but it’s also the first factor you need to decide right after you decide where to go.

Vacations on a budget

Basically, there are 3 low-cost modes of transportation that will surely minimize your vacation cost when chosen properly. They are: motorbike, train and plane. Distance is a parameter. Let us take a look at 2 types of distance: short and long-distance travel.

Short Distance Travel

The closer your destination is, the more options of transportation are available to you. And along with this, the lower the cost. If you want to spice up your journey a little, you might want to consider taking these two:


It’s fuel-efficient. Many Indonesians hop onto their motorbikes to go home during Lebaran every year. However, for safety reason, motorbike is best used only for short-distance travel. Going long-distance by riding motorbike faces bigger obstacles like wind/cold factor, bad weather and bumpy roads. The longer the distance, the more stamina you need. Here’s the fun part, I personally think that riding a motorbike is the most fun compared to others, especially when you join a touring group. For those young at hearts, this activity will definitely increases your adrenalin, adding more excitement to your vacation.


Train is relatively cheaper than other modes of transportation. By sitting at Economy Class, you can spend less than Rp 50.000. Although it’s cheap, taking a train is pretty comfortable and traffic-free. This could be your best mode of transportation for both short and long-distance travel whether you go solo or in a group.

Long-Distance Travel

Long-distance travel mostly relies on plane. It’s time-efficient, pretty comfortable and has lower accident rate compared to other vehicles. With competing LCCs (Low-Cost Carrier) these days, flight ticket has become more affordable. One advantage of LCC is its budget-friendly fare, not to mention the promo ticket offered regularly to customers. The problem is, how to stay up-to-date with promo highlight and news? The following are some tips that you might find useful:

Book It Online

To attract customers, airlines normally offer promo tickets (cheaper than normal price) for selected popular destination within a time period. This works really well in Indonesian market. The number of promo seats is usually limited in one flight. One of the ways to access this information is through OTA (Online Travel Agent). The existence of this kind of OTA really helps customers when it comes to time, effort and cost-efficiency. Services offered by websites like Traveloka, Tiket2, Tiket and Wego are some kind of a breakthrough in local travel industry. This not only contributes to consumers, but to the development of the airline industry as well.

What are the advantages of using this type of online service? Firstly, a website like Traveloka helps you to save time from making a phone call or communicate with an agent to book tickets. Secondly, you save all the effort to go somewhere that you don’t have to even leave your chair to get ticket. Thirdly, online price offered by OTA is usually lower than buying from local travel agent.

Here’s what I do: I open a couple of websites on my tabs like Traveloka, Tiket, Tiket2, etc. After entering the route and departure time, each website displays price results offered by various airlines, including information like time category, facilities etc. You can sort the price from the lowest. Next thing I do is comparing the prices among these websites. In my experience, Traveloka usually comes up with the best price. There have been countless times that I managed to minimize my travel cost by doing this.

Another way to keep yourself updated is by subscribing to the OTAs’ newsletter. By subscribing, you’ll get notifications regarding promo right in your inbox, instead of searching for them yourself. Besides, OTAs often have special promotion in cooperation with airlines. Example: collaboration between Lion air and which has create a special promo offer to their customers. You could really save up to Rp 70.000-200.000 for both domestic and international routes.

So, those were 3 modes of transportation that can help minimizing your vacation cost. Just make sure you know the best time to go on a vacation, keep yourself updated with promo price way in advance, and avoid peak season for this is when fare becomes ridiculously high. Thank you for reading and I wish you loads of fun in your next vacation!

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Vacation Budget
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