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Daytona Beach is a perfect family-friendly vacation destination, featuring sandy beaches stretching for more than 20 miles. This beach holds claim to the “World’s Most Famous Beach” and is devoted to the normal seaside pleasures with glitter of a fun resort. Daytona Beach is the perfect location to escape from the stresses of everyday life. You will find numerous activities for everyone in your family to keep you occupied so you will never be bored while you are soaking up some rays and taking in the breathtaking vistas of this paradise setting.


The daytona beach weather is just like most other southern beach area’s. It will average ninety degrees in the summer and may see a low temperature of forty five at night in the winter. However, the winter months will have daytime highs of around sixty degrees or better. Rain is not much of a factor and, in more recent days, has been nil. The summer ocean water temperature is around eighty degrees and the winter water temperature is around seventy degrees. Therefore, when considering Daytona Beach, consider these ocean temperature differences when planning on swimming. The beaches in Daytona attract tourists because of the green turtles that lay eggs on the shore at night and return to the sea after laying their eggs.

The best time to travel to Daytona Beach depends on what you value most. If you prefer fewer visitors, but still great weather then consider visiting April to May and September to November. You will also find better accommodation value. If you want to be in with the crowd the peak period is May to September. The accommodation prices will be at their peak and this is also the rainy season, but typically showers will only marginally affect vacations. The off-peak period is December to April. Hotel and motel rates will be at their lowest, but the daytona beach weather will be colder.

March is the time for both high school and college spring breaks. Thousands of spring breakers converge upon the area’s beaches for fun and frolic in the surf. This is approximately three weeks of tremendous fun. This is the premiere destination for spring breakers. And, every Spring Break brings thousands of them to the Daytona Beaches. Coincidently, there is a high school spring break and a college spring break which run back to back. This makes for a fun three weeks in March.

Some of the more general information that a tourist would want to know is that the daytona beach weather in the summer is quite hot. It averages ninety plus degrees. And, the winters average around sixty degrees. Rain is always a concern, but is rare most of the time. With Daytona’s ocean location, a constant breeze is the norm.

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